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About FOCUS Software Engineering

FOCUS Software Engineering is a software development company based in Brisbane, Australia. It was established in January 2001.

We specialise in Real Time Systems, Embedded Systems, Industrial Automation & Control including Firmware and Driver development.

The company is owned by Henrik Maier, a Professional Electrical Engineer with more than 25 years industry experience.

FOCUS Software Engineering provides a broad portfolio of technical expertise in software engineering, digital electronics and industrial control.

FOCUS Software Engineering has the capabilities to undertake small- and medium-scale development projects and has been contracted by Australian and US companies.

FOCUS Software Engineering recognises the importance of teamwork throughout the development process. This includes the communication with our clients and on the other hand maintaining a network of partnerships and affiliations with engineers and firms working in similar fields. This technology network has been used in the past to share knowledge and to collaborate in larger projects.

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